Resilient Leaders Development Programme (RLDP)

Resilient Leaders Elements (RLE) offers a proven framework for assessing those areas where leaders are already strong, as well as those areas where they would benefit from developing their skills further.

After an initial assessment, each client is provided with an individual Resilient Leaders Development Programme. Each programme contains a set of activities targeted at helping you develop the skills, techniques and mindset needed to develop your own resilience and, crucially, deliver improved results.

We then deliver whatever help, guidance and support you need to work through this programme successfully.

Growth areas will include:

  • Creating a clear vision for the future and a realistic strategy for achieving that vision
  • Creating alignment around your vision across the business through improved communication
  • Developing a strong appreciation of the motives, attitudes, strengths and weaknesses of yourself and others
  • Having a clear appreciation of your core values and demonstrating integrity and conviction in both business and personal relationships
  • Ensuring you serve the needs of others, including your customers, your team members, your business partners and your family
  • Developing a more creative and versatile approach to decision making, enabling you to take valuable ideas from concept to reality

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You have unlocked a new way of thinking for me and a greater belief in my leadership potential. I am able to understand myself better and build on those skills with the relevant ideas and concepts you introduce

Shane, Sainsbury's Argos

Each session brings me back on track and renews the focus on my goals. Having such an experienced person to listen, critique and advise has helped me grow in confidence and has definitely moved my career in the right direction

Kaeli, Engine Creative

I have found it really great to have someone external to my organisation coach me, by offering a safe environment in which to test ideas and also by being away from day-to-day distractions. My coach has been instrumental in helping me to "hold up a mirror" to myself in order to see myself as others do. The sessions have been both challenging and very rewarding; the benefits of our work together have been rapidly visible in both my work and personal life

Jason, Network Rail

You offer such wonderful insights and your patience and belief in me has allowed me to grow at a time when so many people are really struggling to get through the traumas of Covid-19

Hayley, Great Food 2 U