Wanted: More Great Leaders!

Good leaders change things for the better...

...we need more good leaders. Great leaders help us achieve great things – let's have more great leaders too. We help people become the best leaders they can be, for the good of everyone.

Leadership is not a process, it is a combination of 'who you are' and 'what you do', and it allows great leaders to do the right thing at the right time, simple as that. RLE People was founded to help people develop and practice the mindset, skills and behaviours needed to become great leaders.

We offer personalised and team coaching, based around the proven Resilient Leaders Elements framework and the powerful GROW model, to help you identify and develop those areas where you can improve and consolidate those areas where you are already strong. We are confident that we can help you to become a more effective leader and create measurable growth in your organisation, to the benefit of you, your customers, and all those around you.

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We work on four key elements of leadership


Utilising an appreciation of different people's motivations, cultures, strengths and weaknesses, to ensure that everyone works at their best.

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Leadership Presence

Using personal characteristics to bring focus and a bias for achievement, ensuring you have 'presence' even when you are not in the room.

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Clarity of Direction

Developing goals, with a realistic strategy to support them, and communicating them effectively so that people know where they are going and what they need to do to get there.

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Resilient Decision Making

Taking valuable ideas from concept to reality, by making the right decisions, with the right people, at the right time.

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Goals are for life, not just New Year!

When did New Year’s Resolutions become a thing? Well, according to the History Channel website, around 4,000 years ago. While this tradition is not universally followed, there must be hundreds of m...

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You offer such wonderful insights and your patience and belief in me has allowed me to grow at a time when so many people are really struggling to get through the traumas of Covid-19

Hayley, Great Food 2 U

You have unlocked a new way of thinking for me and a greater belief in my leadership potential. I am able to understand myself better and build on those skills with the relevant ideas and concepts you introduce

Shane, Sainsbury's Argos

Each session brings me back on track and renews the focus on my goals. Having such an experienced person to listen, critique and advise has helped me grow in confidence and has definitely moved my career in the right direction

Kaeli, Engine Creative

A truly insightful and powerfully energising experience, that I have been able to use daily at home as well as work. All conducted in a very professional and relaxing atmosphere.

Dean, Aztech IT Solutions Ltd